Q1 2019 Foot Traffic Report

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Study reveals Americans are spending more time at fuel and convenience retailers, moving beyond the pumps and into the stores. Speedway, Costco, Thorntons and Buc-ee’s are foot traffic leaders in their respective segments.

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GasBuddy, the only smartphone app connecting drivers with the Perfect Pit Stop, has released its quarterly study examining foot traffic in the $654 billion U.S. fuel and convenience retailing industry. This analysis examined more than 20.3 million consumer visits between January 1 - March 31, 2019. 

The report separates fuel and convenience brands into four segments—based on their number of locations—and reveals rankings based on average footfall per station. 

Key findings include:

  • More Americans Moving Beyond the Pumps and Into the Stores
    Americans are spending more time at gas stations, venturing into the convenience store and purchasing items including fresh food, beverages and consumer packaged goods. More than half (55%) of consumer visits to fuel and convenience retailers lasted for longer than five minutes during Q1. 
  • Costco Claims the Top Spot
    Costco captured the highest footfall per station of any brand in any segment—more than four-and-a-half times the industry average. 
  • Supermarkets are Super Busy
    Supermarkets with fuel programs are popular destinations for filling up, representing four out of the top ten brands in two segments.
  • Fridays are the Busiest for Fueling
    Friday was the busiest day for fuel and convenience retailers in Q1, followed by Saturday (2) and Thursday (3). The four busiest hours also occurred on Friday.
  • Kroger Wins the Most States
    Kroger captured the highest average footfall in six states—the most of any fuel or convenience retailer. Wawa came in a close second with five states, and Cumberland Farms and Costco tied with four wins each.
  • Well-Lit Stations Drive Visits
    During Q1, stations with above-average outdoor lighting ratings drove 25.9% more visits than their below average competitors.