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How can convenience retailers turn fuel-only customers into store customers? GasBuddy surveyed more than 20,000 users to learn more about their habits and behaviors. Don't miss these unique insights!

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For convenience retailers, in-store sales generate nearly three-fourths (72.6%) of gross profit dollars. Unfortunately, estimates suggest that a similar percentage of consumers drive away after refueling. Understanding this—and how to correct it—is one of the core challenges facing the industry.

GasBuddy has studied this issue extensively. Our findings indicate that forecourt conversion rates are highly sensitive to whether or not retailers meet consumers’ basic needs for safety, cleanliness, and hospitality. Furthermore, consumers show strong interest in specific strategies and promotions that can help convert fuel-only customers and drive incremental visits from those who already visit the convenience store.

This report summarizes key findings from surveys conducted in July and December 2018. GasBuddy surveyed active and engaged users to learn more about their habits and behaviors. Total responses equaled 15,163 and 20,419, respectively.

Key findings include:

  • The impact of store design and upkeep
  • How restrooms drive sales
  • Why some customers rarely use rewards programs—and what will change their mind
  • Types of mobile advertisements that resonate with consumers
  • And more!